Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ennio Manuel & the Cruisin' Gang / "One Hit Parade (Extended Mix)"

Ennio Manuel & the Cruisin' Gang
"One Hit Parade (Extended Mix)"

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whoa that album art is creeped out

bomarr said...

where have you gone? you really need to bring this blog back. this stuff is amazing.

the saucer people said...

I just wanted to echo Bomarr's sentiments and while its a real shame you stopped posting; judging by the lack of response in the comments sections it is hardly suprising.
There are so few blogs around that post original music and they always seem to be ironically the ones that get the least support...the conspiracy theorist in me gets the impression that the copyist blogs who just rip other blogs posts off and present them as their own are the people usually checking blogs like this out and they do not comment in case it alerts people to their sources...but thats just a ridiculous notion isn't it ;)

Anyway, thanks for keeping the archive alive, I had not heard about 50% of the music posted on here and as the ususal ratio is about 10% with other blogs, it has been a real pleasure.

Hopefully you will start again somewhere else.

Olof Fisher said...
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